5 Unadvertised Things Wedding Planners do for their Brides


It's hard to describe what our role really is on a bride's wedding day. Yes, we have our typical list of duties (see here), but there's a few things that as a planner, we'd be more than happy to do for the bride on her wedding day.

And I'll admit - I've done some crazy things during a wedding, which involved climbing ladders in three inch heels, putting out fire drills with allergic reactions, making sure vendors don't rip one another's heads off, etc. But here's a few things that no one else will really think about or do for a bride other than well... us!

FIVE (Unadvertised!) things Wedding Planners love to do for Brides on their wedding day:

  1. Make sure you eat dinner: At least half the plate, please. I know, I know... you're the bride, you can do whatever you want. But we'll make sure food is on your table and keep an eye on time for when you need to get up to take photos. Photos, however, will come after you at least take a few bites of food to survive the rest of the night. We can't afford to have a hangray bride running around, right?
  2. Find your mom when you want your mom: Something magical happens when your mom is nearby. When you need to make an executive decision, when a weird family member approaches or you just want to hug her, we'll grab her for you. Moms are special and they shouldn't be more than 10 feet away from you on your wedding day (just kidding - but you know what we mean).
  3. Remind you that you don’t actually toss YOUR bouquet (we’ll hand you the right one, don’t worry): Ignore the clock - we'll watch it for you. I can't tell you how many times the bouquet toss only starts when the DJ and I hand over a bouquet to the bride. And it won't be YOUR bouquet - we'll be sure to know where the 'toss' or your bridesmaid's bouquet is when the time comes. Yours is too pretty.
  4. Grab your flip flops for you when your feet start to hurt from the first 8 hours of wearing heels: Not only will we keep an eye on your hair, your make-up and your dress, we'll keep an eye on your feet. Yes, your feet. We'll grab your slippers or flip flops towards the end of the night and make sure your Jimmy Choo's are in your end-of-night bag, too.
  5. Find your mom (again) for you: Sometimes, you just really need your mom!

It's your day - enjoy it. 

Reneille Velez