Ashley + Joey / Gig Harbor Marina Boatyard

Honestly, this was one of the hands-down coolest weddings I've ever attended! From the ice cream truck rolling up to the reception to the character artist drawing pictures of the wedding guests, I loved it all. Ashley and Joey's family and bridal party were more than welcoming and loving of mine and my assistant's presence. Ashley was a 100% DIY bride, but handed me boxes of decor and trusted me with it all - and I was happy to see that she was satisfied with everything from her 'thank you' text message the next day!

Fires? Running out of ice for the alcohol and beverages, but we made the emergency run for the family so they didn't miss a thing! Oh, and the ice cream truck almost rolled up to a home in Tacoma instead of the wedding venue in Gig Harbor... but we handled that, too. ;)

Congrats Ashley and Joey!

Photographer: RC Media Photography
Venue: Boatyard at Gig Harbor

Reneille Velez