4 Reasons to Add SnapChat to your Wedding Day

Oh, Snap!

It's just around the corner - your wedding day! As most couples squish together a wedding hashtag at the beginning of their engagement, nothing tops off the social media cake other than incorporating SnapChat throughout your special day. In fact, twenty-three percent of couples created a custom Wedding Day SnapChat filter (and I'm sure it's increasing with every app update released).

For those that haven't heard, you can even purchase your own Snapchat On-Demand filter to help celebrate. These filters are cute, fun to make and can definitley be a joy to use for you and your guests.

And SnapChat is super easy to use: Snap, swipe, swipe, swipe... there it is!

SO, SHOULD YOU SET ONE UP OR NAH?! On the fence of incorporating SnapChat on your wedding day? Don't want to deal with ugh-nother app to learn? 

Here are FOUR reasons to infuse SnapChat on your Wedding Day:

1. There's no such thing as too many wedding day photos
With videos/photos from all of your guests being taken from different views of the room, it's kind of fun to watch them when you're, you know, not busy getting married. Seeing different POVs from your guests of your first dance and selfies that you jumped into that you don't remember smiling in are fun to watch. And then there are those drunken moments of the Best Man that you missed out on, right? Not with a SnapChat story! And the best part? These will last a solid 24-hours in the SnapChat 'cloud', meaning, you have a whole day to watch all videos and photographed moments from your guests. It’s one of the best ways to not miss a moment of your own wedding!

2. A SnapChat GeoFilter will compliment your wedding colors
Yes, I know it took months and months to pick out your wedding day colors and aesthetic. Bring it all together with a matching frame that's only a swipe away! Whether it's a rose gold/silver combination or a teal/ivory mix, your SnapChat filter can be designed to mirror the same colors as your bridesmaid's dresses. Impress your guests with another way to splash your colors and design around on your wedding day. For one of our weddings, we even incorporated a  couple's custom-designed logo for all their guests to see. Dope, huh? 

3. It's almost the Social Norm
Yes, I'm serious. I can't remember the last wedding I went to that didn't have one set-up. Did you know over 55% of College graduates have a SnapChat account? Add a little flare to your social presence because well, your guests will want to (and expect to) use it, even if you aren't on the SnapChat wagon. Think of it as a 'techy wedding favor' your guests can take home. On the flip side, allow them to tell the world "hey - I was HERE!". And if most of your guests are somewhat tech-savvy, trust me - you'll hear the "Awww, they don't have one" as they swipe 4 to 5 times on their screen to see if you have a Geofilter. 

4. It's FREE
YES!!! FREE! (Well, at least for our brides). At Cake & Lace Seattle, we include a custom Wedding SnapChat filter with every single Wedding Package! (And yes - we're the only Wedding Planning company in Seattle to offer this service!) Designed, aligned and set-up to magically pop up on your wedding day. Awesome, right? You walk down the aisle and BOOM - a SnapChat filter goes LIVE the second your string quartet starts performing? Too cute, too cute.

PS. Here's an example.

Snap away, brides!

Reneille Velez