Megan + Mark / Barnyard in Mt. Vernon

Barnyard weddings are the absolute coolest, especially in Washington. As we drove 60+ miles outside of Seattle and into Skagit County for Megan and Mark’s big day, we were surrounded by animals, farmland, tractors and a variety of stunning red barns. In fact, the first time I met Megan out for the initial venue visit at the barn, she was so sweet and offered me fresh farm vegetables to take home with me (by the way, most awesome client ever). We also walked around the barn looking for outlets to ensure that there was electricity on-site (don't worry - there was!) 

This wedding occurred over Memorial Day Weekend – perfect weather, lots of out of town family flying in and well, everyone had the day off the next day so guests arrived at the venue automatically in a great mood. The barn was in the middle of other large barns, hills and fields and after a few miles and windy roads, it was easy to find.

Based on how many people have slid into my DMs asking where this venue was and complimenting how gorgeous the ceremony floor was, it sounds like our May 27th wedding was done right. Not a lot of weddings are done at this venue, let alone in Mount Vernon -- but this one was one to remember.

So, I’ll say this proudly  –  this may have just been the most awesome barnyard wedding of 2018 thus far in Washington (Disclaimer: I say this as an my opinion only, but I'm sure you'll agree by the end of this blog) – and here’s why:

First off, string lights in a barnyard are mandatory – and that’s a fact (at least in my brain, it is). And rule #1 of barnyard weddings: avoid wooden, gold or silver chairs - white padded is the way to go.



Their dog walked down the aisle to watch his owners get married up close and personal. Junebug, you're adorable. 



Wedding cake? Nope -- more like wedding pies. And these weren’t Safeway pies (no offense, Safeway has good pies, though) – the Mother of the Groom baked 28 pies one by one in one oven in her home for the wedding. Yep - 28 pies in ONE oven. Wedding Pie > Wedding Cake

Floral settings from the local florist totally belonged in the barn, especially since the bridesmaids helped arranged each one the morning of the wedding. Don't you just want to sit at this table and like, mingle, giggle and laugh?

Uh yes, lawn games are a must at barnyard weddings, especially when the lawn games consist of gigantic hula hoops, corn hole and croquette during cocktail hour. I'll repeat - GIANT HULA HOOPS. The bride and groom were beyond creative with this feature - we just decided to place them near a giant tractor to add some more barnyard swag to it.

The groom's wood work is uh-mazing. If you’re not impressed by these handmade wooden coasters as their wedding favors, you need to learn how to appreciate some good wood in your life. Also, they smelled great (yes, we smelled them).

If your barn isn’t red, how else are your pictures supposed to turn out as beautiful and poppy as this bridal party’s group photo? This red wall is everything.

And of course, nothing, NOTHING, beats sunset photos in a scenery like this: endless field of grass and farmland, with peek-a-boo shots of other barns and houses in the background. Golden hour here beats golden hour on a beach or forest any day in Washington. Hands down.


Barnyard weddings give that awesome, fun and laid-back feel to it. Don't stress at a barn. Don't incorporate glam lights, high-tech audio or smoke explosions - showcase the beauty of the barn, just like Megan and Mark did for their wedding day. The only thing more beautiful than the quickly admired venue was how happy these two looked dancing the night away under the string of lights when the sun finally set.

Hey, Gray Mountain Photography - you slayed every photo on this post. And for those that are looking for a photographer anywhere from Tacoma to Arlington for your barnyard wedding, you'll want to slide in her DMs ASAP. 

Reneille Velez