Kristi + Kristian / Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle University

The story of Kristi and Kristian is one of a kind and oh, so, very cute! Kristian had recently moved to Seattle as a clinical pharmacist and Kristi was wrapping up her final year of a Master's in Human Centered Design & Engineering at UW, while working. With limited free time, both of them were very comfortable outsourcing their dating lives to an online dating app! After many dates and traveling to 16 countries together, these busy bees were a match made in heaven and fast forward three years, Kristian found himself proposing to Kristi.

When I met Kristi and Kristian together for the firs time, it was clear to see how not only in love they were, but how excited they were for their big day! Kristi is a fairly organized and creative individual, so the fact that she was leaning for help from me was an honor all on it’s own! We sat down, made a list of all our 'to do' items, reviewed what other vendors we needed to hire, a few design things here and there and boom - wedding time!

Fast forward to the wedding day, it was nothing less than perfect. With the couple both being Seattle University Alumni, it was quite meaningful for them to be wed at the beautiful Chapel of St. Ignatius in Seattle, Washington. For the reception, the party took place over at Landing at Tyee, one of Seattle's best intimate venues and views.

The bride's creative approach shined through every element of the wedding from custom dessert bags to unique 'hangover' kits. And with many guests from out of town (Kristian is from Chicago!), we had to run over to Dick's Burgers for 100+ cheeseburgers as the late night snack! Oh, and don’t forget about Mighty O Doughnuts!

Kristi and Kristian also changed into vibrant áo dàis, which is a Vietnamese national garment. The couple greeted tables and paid their respects to the elderly guests, a tradition in Vietnamese culture to do so at weddings. Plus, their emcee (Kristi’s brother in law) was a hoot! If you don’t know how to ‘cheers’ a drink in Vietnamese, you need to learn!

And right before sunset, our rock star photographer was able to capture some sweet photos by the dock, including a very cool group shot of all the wedding guests, one of the photos Kristi was looking forward to the most!

Congratulations Kristi and Kristian!


Vendor Team:

Reneille Velez