5 Tips to Having the Perfect Sparkler Send-off

Sparkler Send off 3.JPG

No matter what anyone says, sparkler send-offs are one of the most popular and modern ways to send-off a couple on their wedding day. They’re gorgeous for photos and fun for not only the couple running through the tunnel, but also for the guests!

These send-offs can be a little tricky to pull off, though! And after executing over a dozen of these, we’ve compiled five realistic tips to help you execute a perfect sparkler send-off for your wedding day:

  1. Do not use 4th of July Sparklers! With many summer weddings, lots of couples have leftover sparklers from the holiday. But guess what? Those bad boys produce lots and lots of smoke, which are totally not good for photos. Who wants a cloud of gray smoke blocking your face that you woke up at 7am to make pretty?! We always recommend buying from Wedding Day Sparklers because they burn a beautiful gold ‘sparkle’ and are smoke-less! Yep - light all those 4th of July sparklers on the day of, not your wedding day.

  2. Have lots of lighters handy. Have at least one long lighter for every 15-20 guests. Guests will begin to help each other light up the sparklers and since they're long enough (a 36-inch sparkler will burn for over 3 minutes!), it'll be enough time to have your tunnel full of guests to burn all of their sparklers. Butane lighters work best and even BIC lighters will do the trick, both available on Amazon.

  3. Let your guests know that you’re ending the night with a sparkler exit. One of the biggest scares of a wedding coordinator is not having enough people to build a gorgeous sparkler tunnel. Can you imagine… a sparkler tunnel of like, 10 guests? Ahhh! Making a timeline sign easily available for guests to see, displaying the sparklers or having your emcee hype up the sparkler send-off with announcements throughout the night are all great ways! If guests know that there is a scheduled time for the last activity of the evening, they will totally want to be part of it. Your wedding coordinator can ensure this is a part of your day-of timeline.

  4. Work with a photographer who loves sparkler send-offs as much as you do! Although I’m not a professional photographer (I can barley take a selfie), I can only imagine how tough this moment of the night can be for a photographer. And after working with Steven Zhang Photography for a few years, I’ve noticed that he executes a sparkler exit like no one’s business! He’s taught us that any prime lens (35mm f1.4 or a 50mm f1.2, for example) with fast aperture will do the trick. Photographers may not even use flash during a send-off! This means you’ll see your photographer get close… real close. They will want to use the light of the sparklers to illuminate your guests bodies and faces. Whoa… how magical!

  5. Walk slow and dip, girl! Cherish the moment. Your wedding coordinator will let you know when it’s time to go through the last moment of your wedding day - all the sparklers will be lit, your guests will be lined up and ready to cheer and your ‘send-off song’ will be playing in the background (“Fireworks” by Katy Party is a classic choice). Walk slowly down the tunnel, smile and when you’re half way through it, the groom should ideally dip the bride for a sparkler kiss! (Practice the ‘dip’ at home though, so no one gets hurt.)

So what are you waiting for?! It's time to pencil in a sparkler send-off into your timeline! Stick to these tips and if you ever need assistance or don't know where to start, we're here to help - duh!


Reneille Velez