You got questions. We got answers.

Q: Why should a bride and groom hire a wedding coordinator?
A: To truly enjoy their wedding day and a be a guest at their own event and to have a peace of mind that everything will run smoothly. We are professionals who have experience and industry relationships that will allow the brides wedding vision come to life!

Q: Which Planner will I be paired with if I choose Cake & Lace?
A: After a no-pressure, 60-minute consultation, we'll best determine which Planner would best fit your aesthetic, style and personality. Although all Wedding Planners on the team are fantastic, we'll pair you with one that you mesh with you the best. One may be more familiar with a venue, one may be more familiar with the culture-aspect of your wedding, etc. Either way, all of us here at Cake & Lace Seattle have one goal - and that's to leave you stress free throughout the planning experience and especially on the wedding day itself.

Q: How many Planners will be involved with planning my wedding?
A: One. We keep the experience as personal as ever by having one Wedding Planner as your point of contact throughout the process. As our Administrative Assistant handles some back-end tasks, you will be paired with one Wedding Planner to ensure that your design, vision and more are fully aligned from beginning to end. At Cake & Lace, we don't designate one Planner to 'design', one Planner to 'handle vendors', etc. You will be paired with one Planner to handle every aspect. Your Planner will have an Assistant on the day of the wedding depending on the wedding size.

Q: How early should couples start to plan their wedding? Hire a wedding coordinator?
A: Anywhere from 9-12 months prior to the wedding date is a good time to start planning. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and feel overwhelmed, but you also don’t want to be planning for too long. I do recommend hiring your wedding coordinator right away, even for the 'Day of Coordinator' package. You’ll want to get a contract signed to ensure the coordinator is available for your wedding date. I already have weddings booked for 14 months from now!

Q: My wedding is less than one month away - can I still hire you?
A: Don't even hesitate - we can take on and coordinate your wedding even with one a one day notice! We have booked weddings with as little notices as 2-weeks, 9 days, etc. If your wedding is less than two weeks away, please email us right away at hello@cakeandlaceseattle.com or call (253) 777-8585 to check our availability.

Q: What is so special about Preferred Vendor list?
A: All the vendors on our list are vendors which we trust, love and have a strong business relationship with. We believe that a speedy business is a great business - we'll be able to get you the right quotes you need, the assistance you want and more. We also do not have any vendor commission contracts signed or negotiated, meaning that the discount goes back to YOU (the bride!), if any. Plus, they're used to us bossing them around. :)

Q: How often will I chat with my Wedding Planner?
A: As much as you'd like! Depending on the package, you will be able to reach your Wedding Planner via email, text message and phone call. Your Planner will create a solid communication plan between you and them to determine what needs are best. Typically our communication ties in with Monthly Checklists and To-Do Lists and deadlines, which we will keep you in the loop with! From Pinterest boards, to tagging you on Instagram when we think there would be something you'd like to see - we'll be more than in touch with you, we'll have the best personal connection yet. Our team will not go more than 48 hours without a response.

Q: Do you have flexible payment plans?
A: Absolutely!  Make flexible payments toward your wedding planner with 0% interest. Payments available in 3-10 month increments.

Q: My wedding will not be in Washington. What are your travel fees?
A: We love planning weddings and providing a fresh perspective for events outside of Washington. For destination weddings, mileage of 55 cents/mile is requested. If more than 100 miles away, we require one (1) pay of overnight lodging. Airfare must be covered if necessary.

Q: Is the purchase of an assistant required? If so, how much more would be added to my invoice?
A: No, an assistant is not required in each package, however it may be after the consultation occurs. Depending on the number of venues involved and the amount of decor, we may request one with our price quotes. Plus, emergencies happen - and it's more than amazing to have an assistant with us to be in two places at once, if needed.

Q: Will you help me find a photographer? DJ? Catering?
A: Yes, yes and yes! We will research and price out multiple vendors for you to choose from, many of which will be on our Preferred Vendor List.

Q: What payment types do you accept?
A: We accept cash, card or checks.

Q: A Wedding Coordinator is expensive; can’t my friends or family help out?
A: A coordinator is an investment in making sure your wedding day is beautiful and flawless while taking that stress and duty off you and your family. Just like you, your friends & family want to enjoy the day and celebrate with you rather than working your event for you.