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Q: How would you describe your team?
A: We’re real. Our team consists of real girls, who make magic happen at weddings. All of us work towards a common goal not only for our company brand, but for our clients. Our Planners are highly educated and incredibly experienced and although work is work, we know how to have fun along the way! Don’t be shocked if you receive a “yassssss” from us when you send over your Pinterest Board or if suggest grabbing a cocktail instead of coffee during our meetings. We’re fun, energetic and reliable.

Q: Why should a bride and groom hire a wedding coordinator?
A: To truly enjoy their wedding day and a be a guest at their own event and to have a peace of mind that everything will run smoothly. We are professionals who have experience and industry relationships that will allow the brides wedding vision come to life.

Q: Your team has SO many Planners! Which Planner will I be paired with if I choose Cake & Lace?
A: After an over the phone consultation, we'll best determine which Planner would best fit your aesthetic, style and personality. Although all Wedding Planners on our team are fantastic, we'll pair you with one that you click with the best. One may be more familiar with a venue, one may be more familiar with the culture-aspect of your wedding, etc. Either way, all of us here at Cake & Lace Events have one goal - and that's to leave you stress free throughout the planning experience and especially on the wedding day itself.

Q: How do you guys stay organized?
A: Our team uses a series of tools to stay organized and keep planning fun! Each client will receive a login to our online portal, which will house your design, timeline, contracts and more. Our team also works with what’s best for you in terms of communication - emails, text message, Facebook Messenger… we’ll adapt to what works best for you!

Q: How many weddings do you do in a day? In a month? In a year?
A: Each Planner will only have one wedding per day! We do not work two weddings in a 24-hour span (nearly impossible, if you ask us). In a month, each Planner will do no more than three weddings as we try our best to keep at least one weekend free during peak season (you know, to have a social life and all that!). Within a 12 month span, we do not do more than 60 weddings in a year as a team. As we do book very quickly, nearly 75% of our wedding dates are filled four months into the year.

Q: How many people from your team will actually be at my wedding?
A: This is the best part of our company - for most weddings, our team will arrive! Each wedding has a Lead Coordinator, who is accompanied by two Event Assistants. Our Event Assistants help with decor set-up, any bridal emergencies and of course, ensure that you and your family are taken care of. For smaller guest counts, we include one Event Assistant with our package. And yes, all of our Event Assistants are fabulous and amazing, don’t worry.

Q: How early should couples start to plan their wedding? Or hire a wedding coordinator?
A: Although we have been booked as soon as two weeks before a wedding day for our Day of Coordination Package, we highly recommend having a Planner a couple months after your engagement or a Coordinator as early as possible to reserve your date.

Q: My wedding is less than one month away - can I still hire you?
A: Yes, yes and yes! Don't even hesitate - we can take on and coordinate your wedding even with one a one day notice! We have booked weddings with as little notices as 2-weeks, 9 days, etc. If your wedding is less than two weeks away, please email us right away at or call (253) 777-8585 to check our availability.

Q: What is so special about your Preferred Vendor list?
A: All the vendors on our list are vendors which we trust, love and have a strong business relationship with. We believe that a speedy business is a great business - we'll be able to get you the right quotes you need, the assistance you want and more. We also do not have any vendor commission contracts signed or negotiated, meaning that the discount goes back to YOU (the bride!), if any. Plus, they're used to us bossing them around. We also offer discounts with many great, large vendors such as Minted, Generation Tux and more. And don’t worry - we’re friendly! If we end up working with a vendor not on our list, we will be okay!

Q: Do you offer bilingual services? If so, what languages?
A: Yes, our team prides ourselves on the diversity we can provide in the industry. Our Planners and Event Assistants are fluent in Korean, Vietnamese, Tagolog and Cantonese. For those looking for full Korean support, please check out our sister company, Seattle Korean Events.

Q: How often will I chat with my Wedding Planner?
A: Depending on the package, you will be able to reach your Wedding Planner via email, text message and phone call. Your Planner will create a solid communication plan between you and them to determine what needs are best. Typically our communication ties in with Monthly Checklists and To-Do Lists and deadlines, which we will keep you in the loop with! From Pinterest boards, to tagging you on Instagram when we think there would be something you'd like to see - we'll be more than in touch with you, we'll have the best personal connection yet. Our team will not go more than 48 hours without a response. Our contracts will also outline our business hours and if we happen to go on vacation, we will always let our brides know 1-2 weeks beforehand!

Q: Do you plan events other than weddings?
A: Absolutely. From baby showers, to bridal showers and birthday parties, we do it all.

Q: My wedding will not be in Washington. What are your travel fees?
A: We love planning weddings and providing a fresh perspective for events outside of Washington. For destination weddings, mileage of 55 cents/mile is requested. If more than 100 miles away, we require one (1) pay of overnight lodging. Airfare must be covered, if necessary. Also… we ask that you feed us a meal or two. :)

Q: If I hire you to design my wedding, what is that process like?
A: After asking you to 'Pin’ away your dream wedding on your Pinterest Board, we will have a design meeting and review everything you’d love to have in a wedding. After picking a color palette and going through many designs online and in magazines, we will be able to pinpoint the style and aesthetic you are going to love. During our Partial or Full Service Packages, we will submit two Design Suites to you, which is a dedicated plan for design by space/idea of your venue. After agreeing upon a look and feel for your wedding, we will work on communication and payment with the right vendors to create the design you’re going to love.

Q: Will you help me find a photographer? DJ? Catering?
A: Yes, yes and yes! We will research and price out multiple vendors for you to choose from, many of which will be on our Preferred Vendor List.

Q: What payment types do you accept? How much is your deposit?
A: We accept cash, card or checks. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your wedding date.

Q: A Wedding Coordinator is expensive; can’t my friends or family help out?
A: A coordinator is an investment in making sure your wedding day is beautiful and flawless while taking that stress and duty off you and your family. Just like you, your friends & family want to enjoy the day and celebrate with you rather than working your event for you.


Q: …Do I really get a custom Snapchat filter included in my package?
A: Yes! We create a custom Snapchat filter for every wedding at no additional cost. Why? Our small little gift from our team to you! And here’s Four Reasons To Add Snapchat To Your Wedding Day!