Meet our Team - Annie

Annie Truong,  Associate Planner

Annie Truong, Associate Planner

annie truong

Passionate about fashion, trends and lifestyle, Annie loves all aspects of a glamourous wedding. With a great taste in luxury design and an eye for details, Annie can make any wedding or event stand out. From production-style glam to all the little details, her love for anything dipped in glitter or gold brings a smile to her face.

Annie holds a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from the University of Washington. With most of her career fulfilled in architectural design and management, Annie transfers her skillset into the wedding industry to ensure superb management, organization and communication to produce a smooth and flawless event planning experience.

Annie enjoys being creative and loves to network. In her spare time she focuses on learning about other cultures, shopping and working on her fashion blog. Annie is fluent in Vietnamese and specializes in Vietnamese weddings, as well as tea ceremonies.